We’ve come to the end of the road as we now enter the final part of the course, Electronic Literature, henceforth called Elit. This is the part I thought would bore me the most but as I’ve found out this is something that I really enjoy, and I have enjoyed it many a time before. To my suprise, I’ve already talked about one genre of elit in the offhand comment about and old Lord of the Rings text based game, that falls within the genre of interactive fiction. As I’ve been playing some of these games from before and tried picking it up again recently this will be what I’ll be focusing on for this part of the course.

I’ve been looking at some of the great work from the elit collection we’ve been going through. It’s something just so satisfying feeling in control of the narrative yet you’re just shooting dice, in the dark, without your glasses. Anything can happen and you still get the feeling that you’re in control of it. This gets me all fired up to dust of the old dice bag and play some Dungeons and Dragons as well.

I’ve also gotten more confident in the writing process of these blogs as we go along yet I’ve chosen to stay anonymous through it all just to keep my sanity and preferred this not come up when you google my name.


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