Empathy games, that’s the hot topic this week as we delved into the this genre of games. As the name implies these are not the kinda games you play to have a good time, but they’re a great tool to learn a thing or two.

I’ve tried a couple of rounds of Spent after we got introduced to it. The premises is pretty basic, you got 1000$ to your name and you got to make it last as long as possible with all unforeseen expenses among other things.  Some of the messages that you get during a regular round can be pretty horrifying, and in the end your left with a feeling you don’t get from a regular round of your favorite feelgood games. I’ve also seen my sister use empathy card games with my nephew to try to get him to understand how something can make you feel.  This is an exciting genre that I will be watching closely as there’s already been some games that’s had great reviews and scores across the board from critics.

I’ve had my eyes set on That Dragon, Cancer for some while now so I guess this is a good a time as any to go a head and give it a try. I’m just a little afraid it’s going to break my heart.


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