Let’s twine it up

This week was a little different, we went to see the exhibit that Mia had set up at the faculty library. The piece consisted of red twine connecting different forms of text, art as well as some hidden QR-codes which directed you to different artwork and sites that had anything to do with text and digital art.

I like this way of interacting with exhibits, as I’ve already said about the museum I visited in Berlin. It’s nice to feel like a part of it, contributing in your own little way.


What I take away from this is how amazing it is to see how the network that we’re all some small part of, crossing each other and making this great big whole. Even just a who’s not really putting it all in there can find a piece of himself there and that is pretty cool to me.

And of course we all got to enjoy a slice of ‘za (as they kids say?) while hanging out!


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