This is it, let’s go!

I guess I’m not alone about getting excited this week, now we’re talking about games. This is of course my favorite pastime and I do regard myself as a hardcore gamer, which is pretty funny since I haven’t really been playing a lot the last two years except a few AAA titles.

On the other hand, I started an esports organization (named Alopex eSports) last august with a couple of friends and have been doing that and watching our players practice and compete for the last couple of weeks

This part of the gaming industry is huge, and getting bigger by the minute. We ended up getting a spot in the highest division in Telenorligaen, which is our biggest national tournament, owned and curated by We don’t play, just manage/coach the players and try to network with people in the industry.


This season we only have 2 teams playing Overwatch but we’ll be looking to expand to other games towards the summer. I guess I’ll come back with an update about how the teams do in this season towards the end, so far we’ve taken a loss and a draw.

We’ll actually be traveling to the holy land of esport, Los Angeles, to watch some of the Overwatch League matches towards the end of April. I’ll make sure to grab some pictures from sunny California for the blog.


This reminds me, I have some trophies left to collect on Monster Hunter: World!


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